Customer Testimonials


David Mosley
Senior Vice President, Global Disc Storage Operations
Seagate Technology

"Seagate's only disc-drive design center outside of the United States has been based at the Singapore Science Park for more than 15 years. We have achieved much R&D success here and have expanded our facilities to encompass two buildings. This is testament to the excellent infrastructure and environment provided by the Singapore Science Park."

Edwardus Ng
Marketing & Business Development Director for Asia Pacific & Middle East
DNV GL (Singapore Science Park)

"I think being in the Science Park, being in an attractive location is important for us, because it makes employment of staff much easier; people want to work in an attractive location. And customers who come to visit us and see the Science Park are always impressed. So I think in terms of branding, this location is excellent for us."

Lin Yih
Digital Applied Research and Technology (Singapore Science Park)

"Some of our customers know that Science Park is different from the typical industrial park. So if we pay extra costs, in a way it's for the image. And of course the facilities here are very good. We are happy with the cleanliness and maintenance. And we are quite happy with the landlord and the people dealing with the tenants."

Mike Wiluan
Chief Executive Officer
Infinite Studios (Infinite Studios)

"Ascendas has been a true partner from the very beginning, from due diligence and understanding the industry to working with the government agencies on approvals and permits."

Terence Shum

Director, Real Estate & Facilities for Asia Pacific
UPS (Singapore & Suzhou, China)

"When we have new space needs, I will call Ascendas. They have provided very professional support for the day-to-day management of our needs, as well as for bigger issues, such as repairing the floor in Singapore or supporting our need to find additional space."

Dan Kum
Vice President, Global Real Estate & Facilities for Asia Pacific
Quintiles (Singapore & Dalian, China)

"In Singapore and Dalian, China, where our offices are located within Ascendas business parks, the facilities meet our needs by providing safe and convenient work environments for our employees at a reasonable cost, while providing good access to talent, amenities and attractive government incentive policies related to the life science industry.” “Ascendas has several developments that are attractive to the biopharmaceutical industry. This helps strengthen the industry by clustering both competing and collaborating industry players, which increases opportunities for innovation, attracts talent to the clusters and improves the support ecosystem that helps the general growth of the industry. In doing so, Ascendas indirectly helps to influence policies and provides an environment that further bolsters the development of the biopharmaceutical industry."

Rick Lam

Director of Real Estate & Facilities Solutions
Pfizer Asia Pacific (Singapore & Chennai, India)

"We are very much operating in a cost-reduction mode. They (Ascendas) know the economics and how to develop good office space. We know that wherever we occupy Ascendas space that we are in high quality buildings. They are not necessarily the low-cost option, but because of the quality and locations, it is worth a premium. We could pay less to go farther away, but we would be less sure of the quality of the location’s management. Ascendas’ focus on business park development and on delivering high quality office space means we can find the right work space environment. Ascendas space is not the lowest cost in Pfizer’s markets, but the high quality of the facilities management is worth the premium."


Hiroki Maeda
General Manager
Konica Minolta Software Development (Dalian)

"We chose Dalian because of its leading position as a BPO hub in China. The Dalian Ascendas IT Park, with its world-class infrastructure, makes our decision to locate our operations here the right one."

Rusty Walther
Senior Vice President, Global Support
Network Appliance

"Our presence in Dalian is the second multi-lingual Technical Support Center outside the US. Backed by Ascendas' strong track record in providing high quality business space, we found that DAITP's top-class infrastructure best met our stringent operating requirements."

Brown Hua
General Manager for Suzhou
Williams Controls (Suzhou Industrial Park)

"They have good relationships with the local government authorities, which is a great benefit to new companies in the area. "

David Lindsay
Director of Corporate Real Estate for Asia
Johnson Controls (Dalian Ascendas IT Park)

"Ascendas did a lot to help us in terms of building flexibility into the space, which is very important for scalability. We didn’t want to have to pull up stakes and move when it was time to expand.” Having been in the region since the early 1980s, I’ve watched Ascendas grow its presence in Asia over the years. Ascendas has a very good reputation for onsite management. The facility itself is extremely well built, and was part of a growing campus. It ticked a lot of boxes."

Dr Ahmad Md Magad
Group Managing Director
II-VI Singapore Pte Ltd (Xinsu & Suzhou)

"Our experience in Suzhou was phenomenal – from the time we decided to proceed to have our first functional facility, it took just eight weeks. It was unbelievably quick.” If we go to a location where Ascendas has a presence, there is no doubt that their property would be the first on we would look at due to the strong relationship we have built with them over the years. They have been very responsive in meeting our needs."

Bill Yan
Senior Solutions Architect
InnoCellence Systems (Dalian Ascendas IT Park)

"Ascendas made a good impression at all times and provided valuable support for us to understand the local policies and procedures."


Mr. Ramesh Kumar S.
Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
SG Software Asia Pte Ltd

"ITPB is a Tech Park of international standards yet distinctly unique. It has created and more importantly maintains an environment which comprehensively caters to the high standards, both professional and personal, demanded by its clients."

Sonny R. Kunnakkat

Senior Director, Central Engineering & Head for India Site Operations
Applied Materials (International Tech Park Bangalore)

"We have a long relationship with Ascendas, and we are happy with the services and amenities till date, both at Bangalore and Chennai. To note one example, the quality of power that this park can offer because of the power plant helps us ensure zero service interruptions of our India data centre which is one of the largest for Applied Materials."

Hironori Kasamatsu
Member of the board of directors and Senior Vice President
Takasago (OneHub Chennai)

"We chose to locate our new facility in OneHub Chennai because of Ascendas’ established track record in providing world-class infrastructure for industrial park in other Asian countries, as well as renowned service excellence, reliability, and commitment to fulfill clients’ requirements. "

Narayan Rao
Head of Facilities & Administration
First American (International Tech Park Bangalore)

"We have researched locations outside the Ascendas park, but to match this facility in terms of the infrastructure is not feasible, which is why we are continuing to be here in ITPB. It is a prime location for us, partly because we can attract the talent pool we need. It has a very high quality infrastructure, public transportation and a high level of security, which is the main factor.” “People want to work in the kind of environment present here at ITPB. Ascendas is committed to providing the work environment we need. The scalability of space is always there, so it is easy for us to think in terms of expanding here in ITPB. There are no growth restrictions here. "

Roger van Overbeek
Director, Corporate Real Estate
Autodesk (Hyderabad, India)

"Ascendas understands what technology companies like Autodesk are looking for in the workplace. They realise that the workplace extends beyond just the office space for Autodesk, including providing and operating excellent amenities and common areas at their properties. Our relationship with Ascendas and its management team was a key factor in enabling Autodesk to find great space for its employees in the premier software development park in Hyderabad. With almost no vacancy, Ascendas provided the perfect space for Autodesk’s software development team in Hyderabad, which will enable us to attract and retain top engineering talent and to grow our development in India."